Workshop ~

Labyrinth Clearing, Reconnecting & Manifesting – Post Divorce – $195

Friday August 29th 11am – 6pm, Bonny Doon, CA

This radical and magical day is for women who are either contemplating,TSL-birdseyeview

in the middle or post-divorcea and are ready to spend the day taking the time and care necessary to:

  • clear energetically the past of the old relationship
  • re-establish a connection with their divine purpose and their own true spirit
  • open to manifesting and actively co-creating their life in alignment with joy, love & freedom

Participants will make the exquisite pilgrimage to one of Northern California’s hidden gems…the Triple Spiral Labyrinth care taken and co-created by Nancy Voogd of Spiral Vision.  The Labyrinth is located in Bonny Doon, CA, just north of Santa Cruz (about 20 mins outside of town). This workshop is limited to 12 participants and includes lunch, light snacks and water. Ritual will be Led by Margaret Jacobson of The Mother Rising where we will be working with the Goddess Lakshmi and will each bring items for the altar to release and create (special instructions, along with directions, to arrive post-sign up and as the date approaches).  It will be a very deep cleansing and purifying ritual as we walk the triple spiral labyrinth thrice while in between exploring cutting chords, releasing, developing a personal practice to maintain post workshop and what it means to co-create and manifest. Nancy will lead us in our deepening with the labyrinth as we spiral in and out. Participants must be committed to release karmic connections that are no longer serving and be ready to explore and connect with your dharma in a more conscious way.

(NOTE: This is being held the Friday before Labor Day weekend.  For working women and those with children & families, we encourage you to take this day off for yourself.  A day off as a mini-retreat.  You may have your children on this weekend or you may not.  You may rush back home or you may linger in the beautiful Santa Cruz area and take the night for yourself.  We want you to plan ahead and treat yourself.  This is your time to care for yourself.  Without caring for you…there will be no caring for others.)

Webinar ~

9 Things You Can Count On In Divorce:  Learn to Navigate the Crazy-Making Complexities & Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Separating From Your Life Partner – $5

For those of you in any stage of separation or divorce (before, during or after), whether you are legally married or have been in a serious partnership, join Margaret in learning the framework that will allow you to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually relax into the process of what seems like temporary insanity.   You will feel the support of an expert who can guide you with the compassionate reassurance you long for during a life changing event that takes great stamina. Margaret uses ancient stories, her personal experience and  knowledge of the dark night of the soul to explain the profoundly life changing experience of divorce on a spiritual level. This is  a downloadable 1 hour webinar that was given in early 2014 and it includes an audio and corresponding keynote presentation. (Download link is good for 10 days)

Subscription Series ~

Clear Choice Divorce

Previously offered as a call-in guided support community.  This is being re-designed to accomodate the challenges of schedules for those in the throws of considering or in the middle or even recently after divorce.  The new presentation is designed BY divorced women FOR divorcing/divorced women and will be available as a subscription private login self-coaching divorce wellness coarse later this summer of 2014.  Please send me an email at [email protected] if you would like to be informed about when it will be available.  Below is the description of the OLD call-in program.  Stay tuned for MORE!


Join this expertly guided support community for those going through any stage of divorce. Throughout the 12 weeks of online conference call sessions we will use the model of the 9 Things You Can Count on to explore the complex logistical, legal, relationship, child rearing, financial issues and more.

This is for you:  This is for people in any stage of divorce.

  • Before papers have been served or mediation has begun
  • After mediation has begun or papers have been served and divorce proceedings are being prepared for or are underway
  • You have already been through divorce, but are struggling with the lingering legal, child custody, financial and emotional issues and repercussions.

What You’ll Get:  In a time where we can feel so alone, isolated and overwhelmed both by our emotions and the physcial logistics and circumstances of our situation, you will be able to…

  • Feel connected to others in a heartfelt way.
  • Create a perspective of your personal situation from a higher altitude that allows for more peace of mind and clarity.
  • Learn valuable skills as they relate to dealing with difficult ex’s or other challenging power players in your drama
  • Develop your self-esteem that will fuel your motivation to discover and create your new life
  • The ability to find humor around the insanity of your perfect storm

What’s Included: Here’s the week by week topics

  1. Self Care: Physcial (personal and environment) & Mental/Emotional
  2. Going In and Diving Deep: Understanding the process of a spiritual crisis in the form of divorce.
  3. Emotional & Psychic Ties with your Ex/Soon to be Ex
  4. Self-Compassion and Kindness
  5. Talking to Children: About the divorce, About the other parent, About your opinions/feelings
  6. Managing Logistical & Legal Aspects
  7. Working with Fear and Worry
  8. The Importance of Touch
  9. Infidelity & Betrayal
  10. Transitions, Parenting & Co-Parenting
  11. Techniques to Prepare for Mediation & Court
  12. Maintaining Balance for Great Stamina

Additional office hours every other Friday will be offered.


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