Divorce Wellness Coaching with Margaret

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ONE DAY – Quick Rise Divorce Strategy Sesh – One time payment of $597

Organize & Strategize

Swiftly get a strategic look at your overall situation: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as it applies to exactly where you are at in your process of separation and divorce.  In this package you get all of your questions answered and a clear plan of action as detailed in a written Chronicle of Inspired Possibility. And the best part is that it happens in ONE DAY! We begin in the morning and you’ve got your head on straight by the afternoon.  It takes a TON of worry off of your shoulders and depending on where you are at in your process can save you a great deal in legal fees.


  • Chronicle of Inspired Possibility (as it relates to your divorce situation)~ A detailed written reflection of your vision, with your personalized goals.  If I need to research your health/ legal challenges or spiritual impasse, that’s all included and resources that may be useful in propelling you forward will be provided.
  • 3 hours prep and research off the phone 
  • 1.5 hours on the phone (initial interview)
  • 30-45 min follow up (whatever is needed to wrap up and review)
  • Discount going forward if you wish to sign up for further coaching

Get my Head on Straight

This is an awesome option to prep you for any upcoming courtroom or mediation dates that you have on your calendar.  This option is great both as a NEW and EXISTING client.  If you are new and have never utilized The Mother Rising coaching services, this can be a great introduction into seeing what’s possible. (Please book accordingly if you are NEW or EXISTING, See below).

NEW CLIENT – One time payment of $297
As a new client, we will take some extra time for you to let me know exactly where you are at in your process of separation or divorce.  You will assist me by preparing ahead of time the purpose of your upcoming meeting and any detailed relevant history that you feel plays into what might transpire and how you feel you need to be prepared.  Clients love this option, as it takes much of the emotionality and “freak out” out of the self-talk and repetitive thoughts around the meeting. Intention, affirmation and alignment with what you want with some great daily routines and strategies for keeping a calm, clear and positive mindset  will be explored for you to employ in your life as you prepare yourself for the meeting.

  • 1 – 1.5-2 hour session
  • Follow up email recapping what transpired during the session to assist you in recalling all that we went over.

EXISTING CLIENT – One time payment of $187
Similar to the new client, you will be sure to prepare me adequately for this session so that we can make the most out of our time together.

  • 1 hour session
  • Follow up email recapping what transpired during the session to assist you in recalling all that we went over.

 Nurturing the Fire Through Divorce – Three Monthly Payments of $697

The beauty of ongoing encouragement during your divorce or separation

Here you will feel the relief of ongoing support during this challenging time.  Instead of spending time sending emails and placing phone calls with your $300-$400/ hr. attorney, you will be in touch with ME, your coach, on a weekly basis! I will be sure that you not only are looking at an overall picture of supporting health and wellness through your process, but also strategizing what is REALLY important to you, taking the emotionality out of it when necessary and looking at that spiritual eye view.  I’ll be sure to get you right into the chess game of the legalities and mediations and also make sure you are taking time to heal and play and make strides forward toward empowering your new life into being!

  • 120 minute Inspired Possibility Session
  • Chronicle of Inspired Possibility
  • 11 weekly sessions to keep you on track as it relates to exactly where you are at in your divorce or separation. Each session will review your previous weeks’ goals, coaching work in the tough areas that present themselves which you will bring to the table, and strategizing where you are at in your process. We then will look at the big picture mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in relation to your Chronicle of Inspired Possibility, sometimes reworking things as life presents other changes or new challenges.
  • Detailed Follow Up Recap Post-Session emails These are fantastic for refreshing your memory as to what we worked on.  There is often follow up information that is provided that enhances your experience of growing and learning during this coaching process.
  • Emergency affirmations via email and text ~ Overwhelmed? Bummed? Crashing? I’m at your side, every step of the way. “Text, Call or LOG ON”…always wanted to say that.   But seriously – I am available to support you in these ways.

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From the Mother of Mother Rising, Margaret Jacobson

I’m passionate about supporting those on their journey of empowerment — in a way that only another woman can. I hold a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Master’s in Health Services Administration, am a Certified Wellcoach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching and completed a two year Women’s Empowerment series through Daughters of the Goddess.  Life’s also handed me gobs of challenges: from at one point receiving a terminal illness diagnosis, an autoimmune thyroid condition, a C-Section and two VBACs, a challenging divorce and a custody battle involving my 3 beautiful and truly incredible children. I’ve navigated the curious twists and turns of my own path, and along the way, I’ve learned valuable perspectives and practices I’d love to share with you. I’ve supported both women and men on their journeys through major health challenges, pregnancies,  abortions, miscarriages, post-pardum depressions, relationship challenges (divorce, splits, affairs), empty nest, parenting struggles, professional career changes, death, and more.  I’d be honored to be your guide — back to your own deepest wisdom.

~ Helping you rise up to honor yourself, celebrate your strength, and empower your transformation. ~