I have a vision that drives and delights me. It’s blossomed out of my own journey and it infuses everything you’ll find here on The Mother Rising. It’s resonant, intimate, and hopeful.

I have a vision of women everywhere…

…delighting in how ecstatically beautiful our bodies, hearts, and giggles are.
…dropping into the rhythms of the earth, the moon, and the seasons.
…letting go of drudgery and instead infusing the mundane with gems of loving kindness.
…celebrating each other’s radiance, honoring our vulnerability, and nurturing our wisdom.
…pausing with children and community to celebrate the feasts, occasions, and holidays we enjoy.
…exploring into our gritty grace, luminous generosity, and unshakable strength…
…delighting in the discovery of kindred hearts living the same questions.
…dissolving the barriers between us, from cliques to tax brackets; religions to parenting ideologies.
…respecting all of our unique ways of being, doing, and seeing.
…revelling in the wonder of our female bodies — our astonishing vehicle for spirit.
… sharing nourishing recipes, cures for crankiness, and lovesongs so we all grow up feeling safe, worthy, and loved.
…connecting with the multitude of feminine archetypes to feel seen, strong, and held.
…discovering reverence for our wild, wise, bodies.
…tapping into a sense of worldwide connection as we step into our feminine power, together.

And for Men…

To see women as the beautiful and incredible beings that we are: powerful and compassionate, playful and holy.  For many decades now, we women have taken on an outwardly masculine way of being within our world.  I believe we can recognize as women, that we have a masculine side.  It is my deep hope that men can find that beautiful space that allows them to go into their softer more feminine side.  Allowing for emotions that draw tears to the surface, showing courage in their vulnerability and all the while laughing to ourselves at the discomfort of change and transformation as we all dance through this process of deep learning.

Wishing for all…

It’s my cherished wish that this website be of service to this vision. Think of it as your library of luminous lusciousness. Your sassy, savvy toolbelt. Your sacred moon lodge. Your bejeweled trove of inspiration. Your trusty, lavender-scented spritzer of empowerment.

It’s your hearth-away-from-home where you’ll discover tools, practices, insights, and community. You’ll find wisdom: ancient, modern, and timeless. You’ll find product reviews, interviews, and news. You’ll find practices to connect with your self, your body, and your intuition.

You’re invited to celebrate the inspired, life-giving creatrix within every woman, whether you’re a mother to children or simply ideas, visions, and blessings. You’re invited to honor your many and myriad connections with other women: daughters, mothers, aunties, grandmothers, and kindred sisters. Or a man longing to learn more of what makes for a strong and grounded woman.  You’re invited to honor your feminine strength, softness, and precious radiance.

Amid the daily grind and frenzy, The Mother Rising is your trusted sweet spot for feminine transformation, empowerment and spirituality. It’s reverent and lighthearted. It’s dreamy and practical. It’s insightful, playful, and soulful. It’s deeply personal and joyfully mutual.

It’s my gift to you. Let’s make it grow, beautifuls.

Honor your femininity. Celebrate your strength.

Empower your transformation.

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