The Full Empowerment Package for those local SF Bay Area Moms

I am thrilled to offer first time and even second, third, or fourth time around parents this very, very, very cool combination.  I have teamed up with MY Doula, Christine Gonzales, mother of SIX, to offer what we are calling The Full Empowerment Package. MargaretPreg.Wilton.tree.1

Birth is different each time you go through it.  Not only do Christine (6 births)  and I (3 births) share a variety of personal birthing experiences that have shaped and empowered us both personally, but we also bring forth our embodied knowledge and confidence that a natural childbirth without intervention is not only possible but is safer and ultimately better for both Mom and Baby.  And we KNOW you can do it! “Our certainty is greater than your doubt,” to paraphrase Dave Buck, President of Coachville.

With the Full Empowerment package you get the full Nurturing the Fire Package, three months of Wellcoaching (by phone).  This can be utilized before the  baby comes to really build up self-esteem and cut through any fears, design a birth plan, etc  OR, it can either straddle before and after the baby OR it can be after the baby when the Mom is either adjusting to new parenthood or multiple sibling hood. There is just so many ways this can help smooth what can be a very rough transition.

PLUS you get Christine’s Doula Plus Post-Partum Package.  I will describe the WHOLE package below.  We want you to know that we most definitely are, without a doubt, the BEST combo for you.  So we want you to call each of us and have that initial chat to get a feel for what each of us would have to offer:

The Full Empowerment Package ($3297 in East Bay/ an additional $47 for other bay area locations, see payment options below)

Doula Plus Post-Partum Package with Christine Gonzales

Basic Doula Package with Christine

  • 2 prenatal visits in the comfort of your home.
  • Assistance in creating your birth plan and exploring birth options.
  • Phone support during pregnancy and after the birth.
  • A welcome home visit after the birth.
  • Photos of birth and newborn baby if you desire.
  • A detailed chronological birth log.
  • Newborn Massage session after baby is born.
  • Lactation Support (within my scope of practice).
  • Access to my extensive knowledge of the labor and birth process.

Post Partum Package

2 Visits to your home for the duration of five hours where Christine can help your new family adjust to the demands of juggling your new life together by:

  • Cooking whatever meals you determine would be most useful for you, even pre-cooking several meals for having at a later day (NOTE: Christine is familiar with cooking around many food sensitivity issues)
  • Both washing AND folding your laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Caring for baby if Mom and/or Dad need a break
  • grocery shopping/errands

PLUS Nurturing the Fire Package with ME, Margaret

The Nurturing the fire Wellcoaching package can be used ANYWHERE, since all the coaching is done by phone.  As you will read on my regular Offerings page, working auditorily/by phone, with my clients is the BEST way to receive coaching from me.  You are in your comfort space and I can hear inflections, dips and rises in the way you are speaking to help you nail down where you are at and how you might be stopping yourself. Here’s what Nurturing the Fire includes:

  • Chronicle of Inspired Possibility ~ A detailed written reflection of your vision, with your personalized  three month goals and first week’s goals to get you roaring along.  If I need to research your health challenges or spiritual impasse, that’s all included and resources that may be useful in propelling you forward will be provided.
  • 11 weekly sessions to keep you on track. Each session will review your previous weeks’ goals, coaching work in the tough areas that present themselves which you will bring to the table…sometimes with my assistance in their discovery. We then will look at the big picture as to where you want to set goals for the following week in relation to your Chronicle of Inspired Possibility, sometimes reworking things as life presents other changes or new challenges.  All goals are made to stretch you and also be attainable so that you are making significant progress forward and are achieving success and confidence that you making sustainable change.
  • Detailed Follow Up Recap Post-Session emails These are fantastic for refreshing your memory as to what we worked on.  There is often follow up information that is provided that enhances your experience of growing and learning during this coaching process.
  • Emergency affirmations via email and text ~ Overwhelmed? Bummed? Crashing? I’m at your side, every step of the way. “Text, Call or LOG ON”…always wanted to say that.   But seriously – I am available to support you in these ways.

Let’s Begin Together

It’s hard enough to hit a crisis and scramble together your support crew to help you through whatever your situation may be.  If you have a support team handed to you before a transition that we, as a culture, honor as one of life’s MAJOR transitions…TAKE IT! At least give us a call.  Even if we are not the right fit for you, we are super happy to talk to you and help you clarify what would best serve you. Be sure to check out the testimonials written by Christine’s previous clients! And well, check out the testimonials for my/Margaret’s coaching as well!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Payment Options

Pleased to offer three payment options to our clients as well as the ability to pay with credit card.

Discount if you Pay in Full by First Pre-Natal

We offer a $50 discount to those who can pay in full by the first pre-natal appointment

Two-Payment Plan

First half is paid at the first pre-natal appointment and the second half is due at the second prental appointment.

Three-Payment Plan

For those who need a little more flexibility, we have added this third option.  The first payment is a full half of the entire package from which you are selecting.  The remaining is divided into two payments PLUS a $35 Flexible 3 Payment Plan Administrative Fee. These remaining two payments are split bewtween the length of time remaining until the baby’s due date, with last payment paid in full by one month prior to due date.  So for example, if you come to me at 3 months and have paid your first payment at our first prenatal, then I would expect one of the remaining two payments to be made at 6 months and the second to be made at 8 months.  Obviously if you come to me later in your pregnancy, this might not be an option for you.