I am bi-polar, an alcoholic and a drug addict and scared.  I am grateful for the sense of structure and supportive influence that Margaret has provided during our Wellcoaching sessions as well as in the follow up emails that she has sent each week.  She has been both empathetic and receptive, and has been able […]

Jane Gould

Dear Mother Rising, Thank you for our wonderful sessions together.  You are an inspiration and a loving and intelligent being and working with you has been and continues to be a pleasure.  I have had several topics that have required compassionate understanding and illuminating, and your instruction, suggestions and guidance have helped me gain clarity […]

Sarah Neuse

Working with Margaret has been such a remarkable opportunity.  It’s amazing how far a good sounding board and a little accountability will take you.  Margaret has asked the right questions and captured the best ideas from our conversations to help me get really clear and focused about what my life and wellness goals are, and […]

Maria Potter

Margaret is like the best friend every woman deserves.  She is a truly wonderful listener with a very compassionate heart and creative ideas on how to bring transformation into your life and relationships. As a fulltime mother of two young boys, one of whom was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease two years ago, I’m dealing […]

Victoria Hauzy

After just a few minutes into my first coaching session with Margaret, I felt as though I had been working with her for much longer.  I found myself speaking and sharing so openly…the trust was immediate.  I felt safe. Feeling safe is critical for my own healing and wellness practice.  Margaret has an extraordinary gift. […]

Chris Jhee

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Margaret.  She has been able to, and continues to be able to find the light inside me when I keep thinking it has gone out.  She reignites that flame sometimes daily with her amazing responses to my texts or emails that just put me right back […]