Victoria Hauzy

After just a few minutes into my first coaching session with Margaret, I felt as though I had been working with her for much longer.  I found myself speaking and sharing so openly…the trust was immediate.  I felt safe. Feeling safe is critical for my own healing and wellness practice.  Margaret has an extraordinary gift.  She hears whatever comes up, holds it and then represents it in such a way that allows you to understand and process it with a great deal of compassion.  I find that as I go about my day, the insights Margaret offers me resurface at times when I need them most.  In other words, the work we do together doesn’t stop when the phone call ends.  Her coaching style is both soulful and pragmatic.  She speaks to the whole person, to all of our multi-dimentional layers.  I am a single mother of four with my own business, and so like most mothers, I’m good at multi-tasking and often feel spread all over the map; with direction, yes, but frequently driven by an unsettling kind of energy.  Grounded in her own experience, Margaret understands me.  She helps me to channel that energy and to continually reconnect with myself, with my feminine strength and grace, and with my own wisdom.  The work we are doing together is helping me to embrace change with a feeling of reassurance and excitement.  She is someone I value as a professional in her field and as a truly lovely and caring person.