Sarah Neuse

Working with Margaret has been such a remarkable opportunity.  It’s amazing how far a good sounding board and a little accountability will take you.  Margaret has asked the right questions and captured the best ideas from our conversations to help me get really clear and focused about what my life and wellness goals are, and why it’s important to me that I achieve them.   She provides me with the external organization that really helps me see what is important and the incremental steps that I need to take to get there.

The biggest goal I’ve been working on is a career change, and though she is not a career coach per se, Margaret understands how important it is to find work that reflects our values and accepts our work style.  She helped me narrow down the field and each week works with me to set goals that are moving me closer to a dream job.  I feel so hopeful and confident about a job search that felt endless and hopeless just a few weeks ago.  With her perspective as a working mother, I’ve also found her to be such a confident role model.  She knows I can create my dream job because she is creating hers!  She brings a deep level of understanding and a holistic perspective to what could have been a very narrow and limited topic.

I feel so grateful that I’ve had this opportunity to take on a host of life challenges over the past several weeks.  I feel I’ve made significant progress, and have learned some skills and developed some routines that will carry me successfully through the coming years.  Thank you, Margaret!