Maria Potter

Margaret is like the best friend every woman deserves.  She is a truly wonderful listener with a very compassionate heart and creative ideas on how to bring transformation into your life and relationships.

As a fulltime mother of two young boys, one of whom was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease two years ago, I’m dealing with not only the struggles of every day motherhood but also the tremendous sorrow and stress that comes with not knowing from one day to the other if my child is going to live.  This manifestation has been likened to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As  a mother of three, Margaret’s genuine mothers’ instinct has allowed me to drop into a place of trust and surrender where my heart has felt contracted and disconnected with our year of hospital experience.  She has a way of honoring my unique situation and gently working with me to develop some parenting skills that allow me to be the loving strong mother that I know myself to be.

During the wellness sessions with Margaret, I have discovered tools I can use to nourish my body and soul, so I can be the best mother I possibly can be.  Not only has she helped me to come up with solutions that work for me in parenting, but has also allowed me to connect my vision of where I want to be with my commitment to self-care and self-growth in my healing.

For me it has been very helpful to set goals for the week and have a loving person checking in on me every week to see how well I did, what my challenges were and how to strategize around the every day obstacles that present themselves.  While working with Margaret, I have come to understand that the changes and goals don’t have to be huge, but little by little I am working towards a more peaceful heart.