Jane Gould

Dear Mother Rising,

Thank you for our wonderful sessions together.  You are an inspiration and a loving and intelligent being and working with you has been and continues to be a pleasure.  I have had several topics that have required compassionate understanding and illuminating, and your instruction, suggestions and guidance have helped me gain clarity and knowledge that has helped me move through these issues with grace.  Additionally, your powerful, no-nonsense and sheer and utter confidence in me as a strong woman has helped to shape my view of myself  and all the potentiality that is held for me.  Your perspective on my life, life learnings, and my divine purpose allow for the emergence of a  calm confidence in myself for which I am grateful.  You are honest and astute as well as highly intuitive and educated.  This combination creates a sensitive guide who is able to hold the space for myself and other clients to grow.  I look forward to our continued journey together as I move through the different challenges in my life’s journey.  Many Blessings