I am bi-polar, an alcoholic and a drug addict and scared.  I am grateful for the sense of structure and supportive influence that Margaret has provided during our Wellcoaching sessions as well as in the follow up emails that she has sent each week.  She has been both empathetic and receptive, and has been able to keep me accountable on some very serious issues without a judgemental attitude.  My situation has required discussions of drug treatment, alcoholics anonymous, interacting with family and friends/toxic relationships, creating a supportive environment, maintaining my medication for my bi-polar, managing all of my medical appointments, searching for work and returning to school.  Margaret always has informational resources handy to assist me in moving forward. She has been easy to talk to and I appreciate her deep candor.  Margaret’s coaching has been a hugely positive influence on me and has truly been a boon.  I have really worked to make some challenging decisions on next steps for myself and she has helped me to see for myself with clarity the options and how the choices may play out.