Quick Rise Divorce Strategy Sesh SPECIAL – 20% OFF

Take into account the tremendous time, energy and legal fees you will save and the price is worth a WHOLE lot more!

  • 20% off regular price, savings of $119
  • Legal consulting billable hours saved can range from 2- 20+, (@ $350/hr) – Savings of $700 – $7,000
  • The energy you spend on the underlying worry and fear that debilitates movement – ENORMOUS, but let’s say $2,000

The value of the ONE DAY Quick Rise would be anywhere from $2,819 -$9,119!

Right now it is offered to you for $478! Book it now.  Availability is going fast! See below for all the details of this offer.

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Are you…

  • Considering sticking it out through the holidays, but are in daily pain
  • Confused about your options and finding a general lack of clarity about your situation
  • Don’t know how to get through i?

No better time than the present to get centered and prepared to embark on your journey of transformation.  Here’s how the Quick Rise works:

Organize & Strategize

In this ONE DAY session, we will review all of the aspects of what is happening for you presently.  If you are considering divorce, in the midst of it, struggling with a custody issue, spousal support issue or simply dealing with the lingering effects of a divorce that has already been completed, this is the package for you. Prior to the scheduled ONE DAY session, I will have all relevant information: any legal paperwork, custodial schedule, a brief description of your story, AND your completed Wellbeing Assessment.  Yes, that’s right, we look at how you are taking care of YOU also. With these tools in place, I will review everything prior to our phone conversation.  We will then have a two hour phone interview. I will go back and review anything else that needs to happen.  Later in the day, we have a concluding meeting where you will receive a Chronicle of Inspired Possibility as it relates to your Divorce.  You will feel relieved that another woman that has gone through this and understands the power dynamics on a spiritual level as they are played in divorce has helped you to ground in.  You will have your tangible Chronicle of Inspired Possibility to help you reference in moving forward.


  • Chronicle of Inspired Possibility (as it relates to your divorce situation)~ A detailed written reflection of your vision, with your personalized goals.  If I need to research your health/ legal challenges or spiritual impasse, that’s all included and resources that may be useful in propelling you forward will be provided.
  • 3 hours prep and research off the phone 
  • 1.5 hours on the phone (initial interview)
  • 30-45 min follow up (whatever is needed to wrap up and review)
  • Discount going forward if you wish to sign up for further coaching

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Want more information on Margaret, What her training in Wellcoaching is about, or Why We LOVE Margaret and Why We think You will TOO…click through accordingly to learn more! Want to see how her kids are thriving after divorce…Check out The Kids Rising Site!
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Margaret Jacobson, The Mother of the Mother Rising – (510) 325-7689

From the Mother of Mother Rising, Margaret Jacobson

I’m passionate about supporting women on their journey of empowerment — in a way that only another woman can. I hold a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Master’s in Health Services Administration, am a Certified Wellcoach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching and completed a two year Women’s Empowerment series through Daughters of the Goddess.  Life’s also handed me gobs of challenges: from at one point receiving a terminal illness diagnosis, an autoimmune thyroid condition, a C-Section and two VBACs, a challenging divorce and a custody battle involving my 3 beautiful and truly incredible children. I’ve navigated the curious twists and turns of my own path, and along the way, I’ve learned valuable perspectives and practices I’d love to share with you. I’ve supported both women and men on their journeys through major health challenges, pregnancies,  abortions, miscarriages, post-pardum depressions, relationship challenges (divorce, splits, affairs), empty nest, parenting struggles, professional career changes, death, and more.  I’d be honored to be your guide — back to your own deepest wisdom.

~ Helping you rise up to honor your femininity, celebrate your strength, and empower your transformation. ~