Nurturing the Fire

The beauty of ongoing encouragement and refinement. Read more about this package here.



The beauty of ongoing encouragement and refinement.

  • 120 minute Inspired Possibility Session
  • Chronicle of Inspired Possibility
  • 11 weekly sessions (by phone) to keep you on track. Each session will review your previous weeks’ goals, coaching work in the tough areas that present themselves which you will bring to the table…sometimes with my assistance in their discovery. We then will look at the big picture as to where you want to set goals for the following week in relation to your Chronicle of Inspired Possibility, sometimes reworking things as life presents other changes or new challenges.  All goals are made to stretch you and also be attainable so that you are making significant progress forward and are achieving success and confidence that you making sustainable change.
  • Detailed Follow Up Recap Post-Session emails These are fantastic for refreshing your memory as to what we worked on.  There is often follow up information that is provided that enhances your experience of growing and learning during this coaching process.