Labyrinth Clearing, Reconnecting & Manifesting – During or Post-Divorce




This radical and magical day is for women who are either contemplating, in the middle or post-divorce and are ready to spend a day taking the time and care necessary to

  • clear energetically the past of the old relationship
  • re-establish a connection with their divine purpose and their own true spirit
  • open to manifesting and actively co-creating their life in alignment with joy, love & freedom

Participants will make the exquisite pilgrimage to one of Northern California’s hidden gems…the Triple Spiral Labyrinth care taken and co-created by Nancy Voogd of Spiral Vision.  The Labyrinth is located in Bonny Doon, CA, just north of Santa Cruz (about 20 mins outside of town). This workshop is LIMITED TO 12 PARTICIPANTS  and includes lunch, light snacks and water. Ritual will be Led by Margaret Jacobson of The Mother Rising where we will be working with the Goddess Lakshmi and will each bring items for the altar to release and create (special instructions, along with directions, to arrive post-sign up and as the date approaches).  It will be a very deep cleansing and purifying ritual as we walk the triple spiral labyrinth thrice while in between exploring cutting chords, releasing, developing a personal practice to maintain post workshop and what it means to co-create and manifest. Nancy will lead us in our deepening with the labyrinth as we spiral in and out. Participants must be committed to release karmic connections that are no longer serving and be ready to explore and connect with your dharma in a more conscious way.

(NOTE: This is being held the Friday before Labor Day weekend.  For working women and those with children & families, we encourage you to take this day off for yourself.  A day off as a mini-retreat.  You may have your children on this weekend or you may not.  You may rush back home or you may linger in the beautiful Santa Cruz area and take the night for yourself.  We want you to plan ahead and treat yourself.  This is your time to care for yourself.  Without caring for you…there will be no caring for others.)