Get My Head on Straight – New Client


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This is an awesome option to prep you for any upcoming courtroom or mediation dates that you have on your calendar.  This option is great both as a NEW and EXISTING client. If you are new and have never utilized The Mother Rising coaching services, this can be a great introduction into seeing what’s possible.

As a new client, we will take some extra time for you to let me know exactly where you are at in your process of separation or divorce.  You will assist me by preparing ahead of time the purpose of your upcoming meeting and any detailed relevant history that you feel plays into what might transpire and how you feel you need to be prepared.  Clients love this option, as it takes much of the emotionality and “freak out” out of the self-talk and repetitive thoughts around the meeting. Intention, affirmation and alignment with what you want with some great daily routines and strategies for keeping a calm, clear and positive mindset  will be explored for you to employ in your life as you prepare yourself for the meeting.