9 Things You Can Count On In Divorce Audio Webinar




Learn to Navigate The Crazy Making Complexities & Emotional Roller Coaster Ride Of Separation & Divorce

For those of you in any stage of separation or divorce (before, during or after), whether you are legally married or have been in a serious partnership, join Margaret in learning the framework that will allow you to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually relax into the process of what seems like temporary insanity.   You will feel the support of an expert who can guide you with the compassionate reassurance you long for during a life changing event that takes great stamina. Margaret uses ancient stories, her personal experience and  knowledge of the dark night of the soul to explain the profoundly life changing experience of divorce on a spiritual level. This is  a downloadable 1 hour webinar that was given in early 2014 and it includes an audio and corresponding keynote presentation. (Download link is good for 10 days)