Welcome to the Mother Rising.

The Mother Rising is about my rising.  It is all about empowering those going through, having gone through or considering divorce, to take charge of their health and happiness through supportive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical practices.  These fun and playful splashes of inspiration and empowerment with my personal dash of fire it up feminism will awaken your sleeping bits from within and find you refreshingly connected  with enthusiasm to your own deeper purpose and vision of wellness through Margaret’s Coaching Services, my fun and interactive Facebook community, Twitter Feed, and rich and reflective blogs both on this site and on Your Tango.

Here you’ll find gathered insights, inquiries, mischievous mindfulness and fun ways to tend your sacred inner flame. I’m excited and honored to share with you the gems of joy and guidance I’ve discovered along my journey.

I am constantly seeking opportunities for celebration, prompts for reverence, a nourishing sense of connection, and above all, ever-deepening empowerment. And thankfully for all of us, I don’t take myself too seriously!

The Wonder of Woman

My own life has undergone deep transformation as I’ve connected to a different, truer femininity. It’s timeless, resonant, and embodied. It’s infused with surrender, grace, and wisdom. And I have been delighted to discover that it has nothing to do with man-hating or whether I shave my legs.

Embracing our femininity means enjoying and revering everything in us that’s sensual, special, and sacred. It means embracing all of it: the soft and the smelly, the strong and the anguished. Tapping into these depths connects us to ourselves, to our mothers, our sisters, and our children. This astonishingly beautiful path is available to every woman, the world over.

Margaret’s Journey

A little over a decade ago, I had my first child. The prospect of caring for another human being was radically humbling for me. Everything I thought I knew was stripped away and I was left with the terrifying, liberating truth of my own vulnerability.

Since then, I’ve learned that it’s when we’re most vulnerable that we find our deepest strength.

I sought wisdom and support from other mothers. I wanted to know everything: how they put their children to bed at night, how they used language lovingly, and how they related to their inner critic. I hungered for ways to make sure my children and I were growing deeper in our connection to the world, each other, and our inner wisdom.

Luckily, I connected with a group of Moms I’d done prenatal yoga with. A big shout out to the Yogamoms from my old hometown of Oakland! Outside this small group, though, I was saddened to find more reasons dividing women than uniting us. Most parenting groups built an imposing wall of cliquishness: I wasn’t welcome if I wasn’t of a particular religious belief, Waldorfian, vegan, homeschooling, coupon hungry, etc. I longed for places where all of me was welcome, just as I was.

I widened my search and found my own teachers and peers. Diverse and disparate people were doing work that resonated with me. I read voraciously and listened to podcasts as I drove, washed dishes, and did laundry. I found inspiration, tools, and connection.

Slowly, a miraculous transformation occurred.

I gradually learned to trust my intuition, my body, and the good will of the world around me. I reconnected with the rhythms of the earth, the moon, and the seasons. I nourished my children and myself with the best food I had the time and money to prepare. Sometimes my journey took frightening leaps, sometimes it was slow as molasses. My bedrock was gentle baby steps of kindness towards myself like drinking more water, repeating affirmations, and committing to yoga once a week. I asked for forgiveness and guidance. I began overflowing with reverence and gratitude.

Over time, these humble changes generated quantum leaps in my wellbeing. I incorporated all of my newfound softness and strength into my mothering. The deeper my connection with myself grew, the deeper I connected with everyone and everything around me.

This sometimes meant recognizing a disconnection and letting go. Some friends — even my now ex-husband — couldn’t continue the journey with me. The changes I made rippled through their pond in ways they weren’t sure they wanted. I’ve mourned these losses as deeply as I’ve celebrated my triumphs.

My journey as a mother and conscious woman has challenged and stretched me more than I can speak. I’ve grieved the loss of my marriage. I’ve battled health challenges. I’ve undergone doubt, confusion, guilt, shame, and despair. Along the way, I’ve witnessed first hand the truth in Carolyn Myss’ statement: Just when you think you are the most alone, you’re the most held.

I’m humbled and grateful for my growing list of teachers, which includes my three astonishing children (see more on them at The Kids Rising) and my loving and incredibly supportive parents and my incredible soul mate that was waiting for me to RISE and meet him.  Yes, there is beautiful deep inspirational love once again.

My journey has been one of reclaiming power, deepening connections, and celebrating the beauty all around us. Sharing time, insights, and laughter with other women has been essential for me.  May we all find the essence of mother within us be we female or male. We can each dig deep for the mother within. Grateful to be of service, it’s my honor to share my journey and myself with you here at The Mother Rising.

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~ Honor your femininity. Celebrate your strength.

Empower your transformation. ~