Letter of goodbye to a lifetime of friendship…

Though the path has been long…it has been one walked mostly separately. Though we may have been walking a similar road – we haven’t held hands or deeply embraced in many years.

The path you have chosen is yours now. You must find the strength to go the rest on your own. I will not be there with you. We have very different lives, very different values, very different all around. I can not share this with you any longer. It does not serve you and it depletes me. Details I would share with the whys and hows would split you open – would hurt you so badly it would not serve any growth.

You have some deep soul searching to do. Will you find your core connection to God and the universe and listen? Or will you continue to define yourself by external sources for validation…be that protocols for work or for society. What is truly real…do not trust what others tell you – research and discover truth for yourself…you can not trust anyone until you trust yourself. Find your path – who are you…sing your one true song!  Should that happen for you… You will know – a humbling will occur- the need to reach out will dissipate – and only then you can reach out…but not prior to that. It serves nothing . It creates pain for you to reach out and have nothing or harsh words come in return…You will have to feel pain to go through this process of transformation. Many tears – you will feel deeply alone. That is the hero’s journey. It may happen more than once. Layers and layers of burning the edges of the structure you may have created that truly do not serve. And maybe you won’t and that is your path and that is perfect as well…yet we will not meet again unless you do. This note is a gift to you…please see it as that.

Blessings to you on your path…I will see you in the great beyond when it is all said and done.