I am feeling BACK!

Wow. Talk about a long hiatus. I knew there would be a reason to save this website – if not for just a venue to express myself. I get to do all kinds of cool things for writing about women’s stuff for my work with YAO Clinic and YAO Company – the profession I pursued after The Mother Rising.  But I don’t really have a space to express personal self and vision.

It has been a long couple of years here post COVID, right? I have struggled with NOT wanting to participate in social media as I simply don’t wish to contribute my thoughts on platforms that continue to censor.  I am just NOT ok with that at all. So then I just keep all of my thoughts, feelings ideas – all bottled up inside – but there’s something happening – it’s like a new bubbling up again. I basically have no audience anymore and that feels great – it’s like I don’t have to be beholden to anyone but me. Just a fresh space to write. Ahhhhhh…feels so good. All warm and fluid and like a massive release. It’s like my secret place…Will I keep it secret? Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone.

So because of this I am going to be fresh and honest and candid. I think i am going to have a series here about how to come into your own knowing…because how in the heck do you even differentiate what is real and what is not – what is really going on and what is contrived or a full wag the dog situation. It is time my friends to be free – to release the chains that bind. And my God – I am not going to differentiate from if you are of one gender or color or another – we are just one – so here – let it be known – there will be no virtue signaling. It just goes without saying that we are one.  The vision going forward is of oneness – of love – of peace – of joy – of bliss….there is no separation people!!!

So this website will look old and out of date and I am not going to bother fixing it up right now. I am not. I will work on it later though. For now – I will just use this as my space for my thoughts – if they resonate – fantastic – use them – share them…let the little tid bits resonate with you and transform you into your one true self! But get ready!  Here comes something!

So much love to all – Margaret