Episode 37 – Controlling Child Support Chaos Throughout The Holidays (Preparing For The Holidays Episode 2)

Episode Description

The holidays can be the most challenging for divorce or divorcing couples. Custody agreements are challenged, child support conflicts arise, feelings get hurt and misunderstandings abound. Caught in between these dynamics are…well, you guessed it…our children. What child support issues do you need to resolve, and can you do so without causing chaos in your home? My guest, Tina C. Lawson, Esquire, will share practical advice, tips and suggestions on reducing the chaos that can certainly arise around child support during the holidays.

About Tina Lawson

Tina has been practicing law for twenty years specializing in family law. Prior tinalawsonto going into private practice she worked as an assistant District Attorney in the Child Support Enforcement Unit of the District Attorneys Office working directly with the Domestic Relations section of Family Court. She also worked as Assistant City Solicitor in the Law Department of the City of Philadelphia and as Corporate Counsel for a local pharmaceutical company. Other areas of practice include Real Estate, Business Law and Taxes. She is a frequent guest speaker and currently teaches an entrepreneurial course on how to excel in business in Pennsylvania. She is the founder of the child support website www.mychildsupportlawyer.com .Tina lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and three children.


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