Episode 34 – Goodbye Fear Hello Self Confidence (Relationship Reflection Episode 4)

Episode Description

Is FEAR a dictator in your relationship with your spouse/ex-spouse/soon-to-be-ex spouse? How does FEAR make you feel: Empowered or inadequate? In control or out of control? Important or insignificant? Active or paralyzed??? Hmmmm…..Today’s show is a continuation of our theme, “Relationship Reflection.” The title of today’s show is “Goodbye Fear. Hello Self-Confidence!” Today, we will explore the topic of OVERCOMING FEAR IN RELATIONSHIPS AND FINDING SELF-CONFIDENCE IN DIVORCE.

About Adina Laver

Currently, as founder of Divorce Essentials, LLC, Adina leverages more than 20Adina Laver years experience in change management, organizational leadership, education, and training in her work with clients and industry professionals. As a coach, she works with individuals and couples who are considering, pursuing or emerging from divorce and are committed to pursuing a healthy path to a positive future. As a speaker, Adina is well-known for her expertise in guiding individuals and organizations through uncomfortable periods of change to realize extraordinary results. Adina recently released "The Divorce Companion", a ground-breaking, multi-media program that supports individuals and couples in navigating the divorce process in a healthy way.



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