Episode 33 – A Father Reflects On Love & Divorce (Relationship Reflection Episode 3)

Episode Description

We continue our series on RELATIONSHIP REFLECTION. While The Mother Rising is a radio show celebrating the growth and transformation of women through divorce, what does a father have to say about growth and transformation? In this episode, Tommy Maloney, father and author will share his reflection on love and divorce. He will also step into the shoes of a mother and share his thoughts, tips and secrets that many mothers never thought a man felt.

About Tommy Maloney

First and foremost Tommy Maloney is a dad, a position that is near and TommyMalonedear to his heart as a father to his 11-year-old son Connor and to his two “bonus” daughters, Betsy age 17 and Becca age 12. In 2011, Tommy’s book 25 Tips for Divorced Dads: How to create special memories and grow your bonds with your children was published along with a coloring book that Becca and Connor wrote: Ten tips on how to survive your parents divorce. Today, not only is Tommy building a speaking and coaching business but about to embark on a new opportunity along with his wife Ann, as they are certified Cooperative Kids parenting instructors. Prior to moving to the state of Colorado, Tommy worked as a radio morning show producer, on air talent, and stunt boy in his 10-year radio career. Tommy is originally from Chicago and, yes folks, he is a life long Cub fan, more importantly a Blackhawks fan. Since 1997, Tommy has worked as a corporate IT software trainer with companies such as Dish Network, DR, Pepper, State Farm and most recently United Airlines. In Tommy’s free time he still enjoys playing and coaching hockey and has been a certified USA Hockey coach going on his fourth year.


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