Episode 32 – I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found (Relationship Reflection Episode 2)

Episode Description

Did you lose yourself/your voice during your marriage? Were you blinded by divorce? Were you blind to the signs that the marriage was not healthy? Are you ready to find yourself again and re-define who you are or want to be? “Amazing Grace” is a beautiful song about being lost and then found.

The words were written by John Newton before his death in 1807. The Reverend John Newton was a former slave ship captain. He needed a song that would inspire the workers, but that would also inspire himself during an unexpected and almost sudden annihilation of the slaves, crew members and himself. All were about to be LOST at sea. Margaret Jacobson will share her story of being lost, only to find herself again. She offers you tips to find who you really are, and how beautiful self-discovery can be.

About Margaret

After 17 years of marriage and 3 children, Margaret Jacobson divorced. The process View More: http://donh.pass.us/margaret-jacobsenand the pain of discovering that divorce was her best choice were arduous. Margaret had to summon the strength to haul her booty out of her ex’s family home and commute 60 miles each day to see her children. Through her personal transformation, Margaret created a well-rounded approach to empowering herself through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual behavior changes. She has a BA in Neuroscience, and a MA in Health Services Administration. Margaret is a certified Wellness Coach and has completed a 2-year women’s empowerment program in the Dianic Aloha tradition. At present, Margaret is Acting Minister of the Interior of YAO Company, a company that provides pure simple Chinese medicine for those who want a holistic approach to health and wellness. Margaret regularly writes for The Mother Rising blog, and the YourTango Experts page. Margaret is our very own creator of The Mother Rising radio show!


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