Episode 31 – Conflict Is Misunderstood Difference (Relationship Reflection Episode 1 )

Episode Description

Think about your marriage - whether you are contemplating divorce, in the heat of divorce, or already through divorce. Did YOUR way of communicating with your spouse bring conflict or calm? Max Rivers is a marriage mediator who teaches NVC (non-violent communication). He defines “conflict” as “misunderstood difference,” and believes that marriage (as well as most relationships) is defined by difference. Our psyche selects a person with a specific difference from us, one that complements our strengths with the other person’s (so accountants are attracted to ballet dancers because their life already contains both rational, timely functioning and then their spouse adds in spontaneity and beauty). If you know how to practice non-violent communication, you get the benefit of this difference. If not, you get conflict. Learn how to enhance your relationship with your current or former spouse and enjoy the intimacy and reconciliation it can bring.


About Max Rivers

Max Rivers is a Non-Violent Communication (NVC) trainer. He is the lead MaxRiversmediator at www.TheMarriageMediator.net where he is a professional couple’s mediator. Max Rivers turned his extensive experience mediating in small claims court into a private practice focused on helping couples learn how to get the benefit of their differences in a six session process.


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