Episode 30 – Self Care And Reclaiming Yourself After Divorce (Self Care Episode 7)

Episode Description

How do you rebuild your life after divorce rips it apart? Through self-care! Yes, taking care of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life can help you rebuild, restore, and reflect. Divorce does not have to leave you hopeless in the rubble. Take what you have left and build from there! In this episode, you will meet Leila Reyes who rebuilt her broken life and now is stronger than ever.

About Leila Reyes

Leila Reyes is an international coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and LeilaReyesexpert contributor for YourTango.com, one of the leading online relationship resources. She has a degree in psychology, holds a current international coach federation certification, and is a master certified integrative coach. Leila’s clients seek her out for her deep listening and non-judgmental compassion that creates openings in, not only their hearts but, every aspect of their lives. Leila has been helping men and women through divorce since 2006 and, she can help you transform your heartache into your greatest gifts. She helps you reconnect with yourself and integrate your experiences to reach new heights of compassion, forgiveness, and possibility for your future. Leila can help you heal your heart, regain your power, and create a life filled with passion and deep meaning



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