Episode 28 – Know Your Finances Know Your Future (Self Care Episode 5)

Episode Description:

Are you taking care of or ignoring your finances? Did you know women face unique challenges in our financial lives, particularly women divorced and divorcing? Women live longer, earn less and spend more time outside the workforce. As we age, financial stability becomes increasingly important as more of our working years are behind us. If you know your finances and plan smartly, you can own (or control) your financial future and live successfully.

Guest Bio:

Laurie Fried knows how to make individuals financially independent. Her background is extensive and impressive. With a successful career over of 20 years in structured finance as her foundation, Laurie now uses her professional experience and skills to help stabilize individuals and families facing times of change. She has broad technical knowledge in finance including underwriting, asset valuation, risk management, real estate and deal structure. She has held leadership positions in some of America’s top financial firms such as Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith; Senior Financial Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank; and analyst at J.P. Morgan. Laurie Fried holds an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business. She is a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics; a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst; Member of the Institute For Divorce Financial Analysts; and, a member of the California Bar Association, Family Law Section.


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