Episode 27 – Unwinding and Reconnecting to Self Through Walking The Path of The Labyrinth (Self Care Episode 4)

Episode Description:

Do you find that turning your mind off while sitting still in meditation is a challenge, but know that calming the repetitive thoughts is a must in your self-care regimen? Join Margaret Jacobson and Pamela Elaine on their fourth show in the August Self-Care Series, where Nancy Thiel-Voogd, founder and care-taker of the Triple Spiral Labyrinth and owner of Spiral Vision will teach us not only about the powerful tool of the labyrinth in realigning our authentic self and thought patterns, but also about how our walk within the labyrinth can be used as a metaphor. In addition, Nancy will share her sacred story of the creation of the Triple Spiral Labyrinth on her property in Bonny Doon, CA.

Guest Bio:

Nancy Thiel-Voogd is the Co-Creator and Caretaker of the Triple Spiral Labyrinth on her property in Bonny Doon, CAimg_6753 . She is frequently commissioned to build labyrinths and offers her labyrinth for rituals, as well as leads labyrinth walks and reflections. When Nancy discovered the triple spiral walking pattern in early 2011, she was already enjoying a decades long singing career, was immersed in life coaching training, and raising two teenagers with her husband, Mark. Life was full to overflowing, and still it was as if everything was leading to this moment, revealing her devotion to walking and sharing this path. Nancy’s ability to deeply listen, hold stillness, and speak for the labyrinth creates a powerful experience for all those who walk her labyrinth or commission one on their land. She delights in sharing the triple spiral and is continually amazed as the labyrinth awakens people to what they most want to know and experience.


I have tried to record this show with Nancy WAY too many times.  It was divinely meant to happen when Pamela Elaine would be on as my co-host.  Nancy shared her intimate story with the Triple Spiral Labyrinth, her thoughts on why it has become a walking pattern at this stage in our human evolution...other walking patterns and so very much more.

We spoke a great deal on the Triple Spiral as a form of self-care whether walking it or looking at itTSL-birdseyeview.  Here's a link to the pic of her actual labyrinth on her property.

Here's the actual full Triple Spiral. Triple Spiral


If you are interested in going to Nancy's property to walk the Labyrinth, please go to her website.  If you are interested in joining other women who have gone through divorce or are going through divorce, please contact The Mother Rising at [email protected]


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