Episode 26 – Change Your Space. Change Your Life (Self-Care Episode 3)

Episode Description:

Did you know that your relationship to your space is a powerful, often neglected aspect of being a woman? The spaces we live in are visible, livable metaphors for our inner worlds. They reflect our beliefs, our priorities, our relationships. When we are in an unconscious relationship with our space, our homes may mirror things that no longer serve us: outdated versions of ourselves, unhealthy priorities, stuck-ness, unhappiness. Despite our best efforts to grow, our homes keep us tethered to exactly what we’re longing to leave behind. Our spaces can literally block us from visioning our new lives. Ready for a fresh start? Create a home for your new life. Feeling drab, bored or miserable? Consider using color as medicine. Grieving a loss? Create a cocoon for healing. Feeling confused? Make space for focused clarity. Longing for more vibrancy? Infuse your home with a sense of celebration.

Guest Bio:

Rebecca McLoughlin is an Interior Life Designer. She guides people through life transformationspaigegreenRebeccaLewis53013-157 by helping them create a new, more meaningful and authentic relationship with themselves and their space. Rebecca believes that the most challenging cycles of life offer the most potent opportunities to grow into the fullest, deepest, richest versions of ourselves. Using her therapeutic training, she guides individuals through the emotional aspects transforming their lives. Through skilled questioning and deep listening, Rebecca helps you discover what you want, and clarify who you are in the world so you can surround yourself with your own beauty.


WOW! This was Pamela Elaine's first show to act as lead-host.  And as it turns out, we always have to have a minor technical difficulty when something like this happens.  So this time, Pamela Elaine got bumped off a couple of times, but never fear the show was FAB!  Why? Because the message that Rebecca came to share is just life-changingly phenomenal.  THANK YOU REBECCA!

We talked about creating that cocoon space when you are either moving out of the bedroom that you had shared with your husband/wife or possibly moving into your new place...using textiles that comfort and hold you...warm things.  We need a space to relax, restore and to hold us and rest during these challenging times.

She also talked about how changing your space doesn't mean a big expensive venture, but one where you EDIT what you already have.  Three questions to ask are:

  1. Do you love it?
  2. Does it represent you?
  3. Do you use it?

But what we really want to encourage you to do is to sign up for Rebecca's ebook as there is SOOOO much information contained within it.  Go to http://rebeccamcloughlin.com/ and sign up for The 5 Keys to Wake Up and Love Where You Live.   Rebecca is also available for coaching in person and via Skype. But if you are on a budget...at least get the ebook and grab a good friend to help you.

I also referenced on this show a past episode where I interviewed Michelle Vos Your Authentic Style Expert.  Be sure to listen to that episode HERE!

Enjoy this really fabulous episode with Rebecca!


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