The New You Series

I am just thrilled to compile the shows into categories for all of you listeners.  The month of June was THE NEW YOU series and it was a smashing success!  iStock_000018191976SmallWe covered everything from creating the New You energetically through daily clearing work with Belinda Farrell and the Huna Healing and Reconnective Healing work that she does. We then went on to tackle how your internal changes can be then reflected outwardly through getting clear on your authentic style with Michelle Vos.  Kate Anthony took over with tricks and tips that she discovered the hard way in clearing the rubble, setting the foundation and building the house.  Her strategies for Rockin’ Single Motherhood.  And Pamela Elaine Nichols shared with us her method of Selfish Generosity and how sharing the stories of Resilient Beauties who have gone through divorce can assist greatly in our healing and how we move through our process.

After being with each of these powerful women.  I want to encourage each of you to picking ONE thing that you will do daily and find that space for quiet reflection.   You have to have one thing that you are doing consistently and a space to do it.   If you don’t have space in your house, make it on a path you walk in nature…a spot in the park…or when you sit in your car before you blast off for the day.  Whether you are surrounded by kids or all alone.  THIS is how you get in touch with you.

So you pick your spot, now pick one thing you will do in this space.  Will it be breathing, gratitude, setting an intention, releasing fear and worry, surrendering to a greater picture?  What will it be.

Unsure about what you want to pick?  Call me and we can schedule a quickie session (510) 325-7689. You think there’s no one on the other end? WRONG! Try me!  You DON’t need to commit to anything more, but dang it…get this started!  You are WORTH it.  This is the difference between surviving divorce and thriving divorce!  Let’s get your NEW YOU on!

Episode 18 – Pamela Elaine Nichols

Episode 17 – Kate Anthony

Episode 16 – Michelle Vos

Episode 15 – Belinda Farrell