The Mother Rising Manifesto Is HERE!

It truly came out of the blue and flowed out of me within minutes.  I had a series of things that I said to myself…over and over and over manifestoagain in order to get myself through the very tough times during my divorce.  The manifesto is really what carried me through.  It has been beautifully designed by my graphic artist Chelsea Linsley who I think is AMAZING!  When she sent it to me, I started crying.  I wished I had sat down and created something that beautiful to put on the wall to read every morning, every night…every time I doubted myself or my life.

You can now sign up to receive it.  Simply complete the form at this link and you will receive the link in your in box.  Please let me know how it helps you!  Print it out…put it in your bathroom, in your special book, in your space of quiet reflection!  Blessings to you…my gift!