Episode 18 – We See That Light Bursting From Within You: You Are A Resilient Beauty Destined For Greatness

New You Series

Episode Description:

Amidst that rubble so well described by Kate, we find glorious women like Pamela Elaine Nichols. As Pamela will share, many of us within our PEN 3marriage, looked like everything was altogether when truly we were falling apart. Hear Pamela's story and probably parts of mine as well! Discover how to find and then connect with that spark within...that little flicker of a flame that knows YOU CAN DO THIS even when your rational mind says you can't. How to begin opening to the mini-inspirations that surround you and create ways that lead you along your path to becoming the resilient beauty that you are.


Pamela Elaine Nichols is a mother of four children who, like many mothers, put the wants and needs of others first and ignored her own. She created a personal system to prioritize her needs and wants while effectively caring for her children, and teaches other mothers how to do the same. Pamela Elaine mixes her motherhood experiences, health care career, and life lessons into a business that teaches women how to create health and happiness in their lives. Through Destined for Greatness Enterprises, Inc., Pamela Elaine inspires women through motivational speaking, her “how-to” workbooks, and wellness coaching. Specific motivational topics include: “Get Your Body Back and Your Health on Track”, “Stop Eating Your Health Away”, “Resilience: How Inner And Outer Beauty Can Help You Bounce Back From Life’s Set-Backs”, “Discover Your Destiny”, and “Muddy High Heels”. Pamela Elaine offers her expertise to groups, organizations, corporations and individuals.

Post Show:

I have to say, THE NEW YOU series is Rockin' AWESOME! Pamela Elaine brought out the best in ME as well.  We talked about the incredible feelings of isolation when everything seems to be falling down around you and how ironically the thing you need to reach out for the most...good friends and community...is what you do the LEAST.  Her sharing of the stories of Resilient Beauties opens this up and exposes to everyone the enormity in the numbers of us that are going through these break downs and how we can ALL get through it.  Especially with that little helping hand.  Pamela Elaine also shared with us her work of "quiet reflection", as I call it...she calls it Selfish Generosity!  LOVE THIS! I look forward to helping Pamela Elaine in making available the stories of Resilient Beauties!  Love you Pamela Elaine!  YOU are a Resilient Beauty Destined For Greatness!

Whether we use Balance Practices or Selfish Generosity...both need that space of daily quiet reflection...remember that your commitment to YOU.  Your commitment to coming through your challenge with clarity, confidence and peace is dependent on your consistent dedication to this!


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