Episode 17 – Rockin’ Single Motherhood: Clear the Rubble, Set the Foundation, Build a new House & Rock Your New Life

New You Series

Episode Description:

This show is going to pick you up from the cold murky puddles of tears, trauma and drama of divorce and give you that loving nudge on your path to a new beginning. IMG_3291RT_CROPJoined by Kate Anthony in the third in THE NEW YOU series on The Mother Rising, we tackle tried and true methods of self-assessment and self-healing. Really…learning to love yourself…ways to connect, tap in and create a relationship with YOU that increases your self-esteem, preparing you for your next adventures in your exciting journey of LIFE!


Kate Anthony is an international best-selling author and owner of Kate Anthony’s Guide to Rockin’ Single Motherhood, a full-service coaching business that offers guidance and support to Single Moms everywhere. Whether you have full custody, a 50/50 split, a good relationship with your ex or none at all, work full-time or part-time, Kate can assist in your transformation to ROCK Single Motherhood. Kate’s biggest passion in life is helping other Single Moms weed through all the craziness of what this new life has to offer and find within themselves the amazing, powerful and relentless superheroes that they truly are. Kate is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach* (CPCC), trained and certified by the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute. She is also trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching by The Center for Right Relationship. She is an accredited member of the International Coach Federation. Kate lives in Los Angeles with her son, two pups and a handful of fish.

Post Show:

Doing this show with Kate was a SUPER blast.  I love what she talked about around her Balance Practices.  Don't forget those are available as a FREE download on her site.  I never knew she had been a professional actress!  Wow!  Her balance practices fall into the category of what I refer to as a "place for quiet reflection." We all have to have a space to recreate a connection with ourself once again.  We got lost in the marriage.  This is how you begin to discover THE NEW YOU.  What you choose to do in your space of quiet reflection can be individual but the BIGGIE is that you commit to doing it daily.  This alone...MORE than attending to the logistics fo your divorce in an orderly and timely fashion is what is going to make the difference between getting through the divorce and thriving through it!  Enjoy this episode!


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