Episode 15 – Find Your Friggin’ Joy! Creating The New You Post-Divorce Using Ancient Hawaiian Teachings With Belinda Farrell

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Meet author, actress, race-car driver, and divorcé Belinda Farrell. Belinda will join me in sharing key pieces of BOOK_Belinda_for_FYFJher story from her book titled Find Your Friggin’ Joy where she details several of her more recent big life challenges of self-healing her herniated disc and surviving the suicide of her only son. Belinda has recreated her life many times over physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her deep learning of Huna and Reconnective Healling have been compiled into her beautifully written book. Her inspirational life and teachings will empower all those going through big life challenges.


Belinda Farrell, author of the book Find Your Friggin’ Joy, graduated with a BA in Spanish and English from the University of California at Berkeley and is trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression, NLP, Hawaiian chanting, and ancient Hawaiian healing (Huna). Belinda trained with Anthony Robbins (author of Unlimited Power) and has effectively used these skills in her own life. She has completed 18 firewalks. When Belinda was forty-eight, she collapsed with herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. Threatened with paralysis by her medical doctors if she didn’t have surgery, Belinda instead chose to apply the ancient Hawaiian healing practices she had been learning the previous three years, which are covered in this book. Her back completely healed, including childhood scoliosis. For 15 years she has been sharing these healing practices with others, offering Reconnective Healing and Huna classes and taking clients to Hawaii to teach Huna and swim with wild spinner dolphins.


Hey listeners.  I had a fabulous Reconnective Healing Session with Belinda a week after the show and it was AWESOME!  I highly recommend it if you are in the Santa Cruz area or are interested in coming to visit her.  Additionally, Her CD's are phenomenal.  I have been listening to the Enchanted CD and LOVE it. Check out her website. Someday I wish to swim with her and the dolphins! Of course, as you know...I loved her book Find Your Friggin' Joy as well!

Belinda Farrell - Huna Healing


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