Episode 13 – Get Your Sexy Back On Post Divorce: The Importance of Touch and Intimacy In Healing PLUS Discovering Your Mojo

Episode Description:

Touch and intimacy is a vital human interaction and the lack of it in one’s life can lead to deep levels of isolationIMG_0116 and loneliness; however, the circumstances of separation and divorce can be barriers to receiving adequate touch and the comfort and love experienced during intimacy. Join me with Lia Prusha in our discussions of ways to access touch in a seemingly bleak environment, considerations of self discovery through self-pleasure, the importance of engaging fantasy, harnessing the power of pleasure to begin rewiring your neural patterning for the positive new life you are creating AND…those helpful reminders of safe sex and unwanted pregnancies as you enter back into the dating field. This is a SHAME free zone! Sensuous, juicy and hitting the hard notes of reality…it’s going to be fabulous!


Lia works with individuals, couples and families in the Silicon Valley of Northern California. Versed in a variety of lifestyles, relationship/family configurations and parenting styles, Lia strives to provide a safe space for a diverse population to work through issues in psychotherapy. Beginning her career as a clinical hypnotherapist in private practice helping people lose weight and quit smoking, Lia went on to attend Pacifica Graduate Institute, earning her Master’s in Counseling Psychology with emphasis on Depth Psychology. As a Depth-oriented psychotherapist, Lia collaborates with patients to move forward in current relationships and make empowering life decisions by examining deeper roots behind negative behavioral patterns and self-detrimental beliefs. A sex educator certified through San Francisco Sex Information, Lia works with couples and individuals to overcome sexual issues. She works with a variety of presenting issues, including divorce, blended families, work/ life balance, and adult children of dysfunctional families-of-origin.



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