Episode 12 – Taking it from 60 to Zero: Anger Management for All Stages of Divorce

Episode Description:

Anger is an intense flooding of emotion that can quickly over take any clarity we have worked so hard to create. pic_arinovick300 (1)Throw in the many emotional issues around divorce and you may have an expensive outburst! Join me with my guest Ari Novick to leaner more about anger, how it manifests and how to teach ourselves to tame it both through mental understanding/recognition and targeted behavior changes in our daily lives. Ari will share with us the importance of anger and its expression as well as its challenges within relationships. Getting to the root of this natural human emotion can be incredibly empowering on a very personal note as well as truly rewarding in bringing increased levels of joy to our relationships.


Ari Novick, Ph.D. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Anger Management Professional and trainer in the Los Angeles, CA area. Over the last six years, Novick has focused his career in psychology and has a specialization in anger and stress management. Due to the economy and other environmental factors contributing to the stress of daily life, Novick realized there has been an increased need for resources to manage stress and anger more effectively. Novick founded the AJ Novick Group to meet the needs of our community and to offer quality education and training to individuals who can utilize these skills. Novick has also been trained in drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention, socialization skills, legal awareness, communication and problem solving techniques, conflict management and resolution, assertion training, and is a certified anger management facilitator and trainer.

Resources From The Show:

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