Get Your Sexy Back Post-Divorce & The Importance of Touch

I love this picture because I love me some spice and I love me some great sex, and sometimes my partner likes to spice things up on our food prior to messin’ around and somehow it gets mixed in with our love making and well…it gets a little extra spicy if you know what I mean…Ooooo…And I DO love me some juicy kissy lips.  Lips are so YUMMY!

I’m really excited about today’s radio show on the importance of touch and intimacy during separation and Woman lips and chili pepperdivorce, and I am thrilled to be joined by my childhood friend and colleague, Counseling Psychologist and Sex Educator, Lia Prusha. Touch and intimacy is a vital human interaction and the lack of it in one’s life can lead to deep levels of isolation and loneliness, and the circumstances of separation and divorce can be barriers to receiving adequate touch and the comfort and love experienced during intimacy.

We’re excited to discuss ways to access touch in a seemingly bleak environment, considerations of self discovery through self-pleasure, the importance of engaging fantasy, harnessing the power of pleasure to begin rewiring your neural patterning for the positive new life you are creating AND…those helpful reminders of safe sex and unwanted pregnancies as you enter back into the dating field. Lia and I agreed that this whole show needed to be poised as a SHAME free zone!  Sensuous, juicy and hitting the hard notes of reality…it’s going to be fabulous!

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And a fun song that I think wraps up the complexity of a woman balancing life and relationships and beautiful hot love. I also like the way she embraces a word that others may use as derogatory.  In the sense of how she sings about it…it makes me just want to own and love it…yeah! I’m a BITCH! The person who posted this on youtube mistakenly put a picture of Alanis Morisette.  The song is sung by Meredith Brooks:

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