VoiceAmerica Episode 3 – The Making and Discussion Of The Powerful Impact of Split, A Film for Kids of Divorce (and Their Parents) with Director Ellen Bruno

Show Description:

Divorce can be a very BIG change for the children stuck in between their parents.  Not only can they be smack in the middle of fighting, but are challenged with learning to navigate the ins and outs of two households, two sets of rules, two sets of clothes, and new partners for their parents, to name just a few.  The movie Split documents both the hardships experienced by the children and their incredible resilience.  Join me with Director, Ellen Bruno in the discussion of her interest and motivation on this project, how she created it, what she learned from it and MORE.

Guest Bio:Bruno45_2

Ellen Bruno is a San Francisco based documentary filmmaker whose works have won more than 25 national and international awards. A recipient of both the Gugenheim and Rockefeller Fellowships, Ms. Bruno has focused her attention on homelessness, Burmese prostitution, Tibetan nuns, health care in Cambodia and other issues on the forefront of human rights. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Buddhist Film Festival, the Pacific Pioneer Fund, The San Francisco Film Society, and Ethical Traveler.  She has additionally been an artist in Residence at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.


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