Episode 5 – Interview with Dr. Charles Fay of Love & Logic

Show Description:

Join me with Dr. Charles Fay, globally sought after thought leader in parenting children with Love and Logic. Dr. Fay and I discussed how to provide the strong anchor of supportive discipline during major life changing events such as divorce.  We covered a variety of topics from what can you control and what you can and can't controll, being "different" in how we parent, the positive things children of divorce will learn from their situation, dating and divorce, and MORE. You won't want to miss this!


Dr. Charles Fay is the President of Love and Logic Institute, an organization that not only provides Charles_lgcoursework and materials for educators, parents and other professionals but has been committed to helping families raise respectful, responsible kids for over 36 years as well as to help create and maintain a positive relationship between kids and the adults in their lives.  Dr. Fay is a globally sought after consultant, speaker and author whom as you will see  has an incredible style that infuses great wisdom and humor into practical tools that you will be inspired to integrate into your parenting!


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