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This next week is so incredibly exciting for me. For about five years now, I have dreamed of having a podcast or radio show. In fact, the original piece that brought me to create The Mother Rising was my deep desire to connect people through a regular audio broadcast that would create community where we could touch in with a deeper learning on a daily basis.

I found it to be one of my life's challenges to create ways to connect myself throughout the day with a greater picture of what everything meant.  It was extremely tricky and it is certainly still a work in progress, but I think as many who know and work with me can attest, I have been able to straddle the worlds to bring a greater "spiritual eye view" to situations.  Having this view makes it more manageable and in a strange way it takes many very illogical and irrational things that are transpiring and makes them totally understandable in this bigger context.

So here I am embarking on a new journey with all of you and many more by broadcasting The Mother Rising over Voice America's Empowerment station.  I am finally making that dream come true! The show will be aired every Thursday from 4-5pm PST beginning this next Thursday February 27th !


I will be sharing ways to navigate life's rocky waters not only by creating a roadmap for you, but also exploring with some really amazing guests how they do it and how you can too! It is my great hope that you will not only listen, but participate as part of the growing Mother Rising community.  Here are some ways you can interact with me (and my guests)...


Each week I will post here and send out an announcement for the topic of the following week.  If it's got some content that is right up your alley or you have a question about, please contact me by:

  1. Email me ahead of time at: [email protected]
  2. Call in during the show at 1-888-346-9141
  3. Tweet me during the show @TheMotherRising


This first week will be an intro episode where the audience will be able to get to know a little bit more about me.  I will be focusing the show on how to move through life crises with grace.  Here's the "official" info for the show...

Understanding The Nature of Transformation
We are all handed challenges in life that bring us to our knees, be it a death, an illness, divorce, loss of job or house, or even sometimes becoming a new parent or married. Big changes can rock our world and our spirit in ways we simply had no possible way to comprehend until we were in it so far deep that we thought we might drown. In this show, I will lay down some of the groundwork for the general landscape of how difficult life circumstances can manifest dependable qualities that work to dismantle our identity as we currently know it.  Grasping this map of the dark night of the soul can allow you to feel less isolated and less crazy, more connected and in control.  Join me for an empowering and inspiring Episode One of The Mother Rising where you will get to know me, my style and a new perspective that will leave you feeling a sense of clarity and peace within a life that may be perfectly described as temporary insanity.

Future Episodes

Be sure to check here, watch for your email announcements, or go to my VoiceAmerica page!

How Do I Listen?

In real time you have several options:

  • Online at VoiceAmerica on their Empowerment Channel
  • On my VoiceAmerica page it will load up the episode as well.
  • On your iPhone or Smart phone you can download the VoiceAmerica App and it will stream the live show, be sure to pick the Empowerment station.

After the show?

Each show will be recorded and will be available as follows:

  • On my VoiceAmerica page.
  • And on may take a day or so to upload
  • On the side bar of my website...still waiting until I have several episodes recorded and then it should be there

I think that's it for now! Looking forward to extending this latest greatest piece to the community.  Join me!


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