Embracing Your Divorce as Transformation!

Welcome to the Mother Rising Divorce Coaching!

The Mother Rising signifies the healing spirit of the nurturing Mother.  It is all about empowering women going through, having gone through or considering Divorce, to take charge of their health and happiness through supportive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical practices in the midst of the insanity of an intense severing of a relationship.  I work to inspire women to choose practices, rituals, dialog, and relationships that strengthen their self-esteem, intuition, confidence and power through my personalized Certified Wellcoaching services and workshops.

What in the World is Wellcoaching?

Wellcoaching is a proven, evidence-based methodology designed to support long-lasting lifestyle changes through mental and physical health promoting behaviors and is linked with Harvard Medical School’s Institute for Coaching.  For more detailed information on Wellcoaching and examples of who can benefit please click through here to read more!

What is unique about Margaret and her approach to Wellcoaching?

What I offer my clients is unique on several levels.  On the credentialing side, I have a BA in Neuroscience and a Master’s in Health Services Administration, in addition to my Wellcoach Certification.  My neuroscience background helps me to describe to my clients in simple form the neuro-bio-chemistry behind WHY making certain changes are important and WHY those simple changes can work on a more profound scale for the longevity of their overall wellness.

Professionally, I have worked in clinical research and understand the health services industry quite well, while also having my own consulting business where I worked with hospitals and medical groups who wanted to integrate Complementary and Alternative medicine.  So I really understand the various complementary and atlernative medical modalities that are available, how practitioners are credentialed and how my clients might be using them or wishing to use them.

From a more spiritual developmental space, I offer my life long reflective nature and personal discovery experiences as a backdrop that has been infused with my own 23 year practice of yoga and meditation (of a variety of traditions) with the additional completion of a two year program in Women’s Empowerment and Goddess Studies based in the Dianic Hawaiian Aloha tradition.

Personally, I have had and worked with an auto-immune condition called Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis. For me this was a manifestation of my inability to voice and choose empowerment.  Through consistent and persistent mental, physical (including diet), emotional and spiritual behavior changes I was diligently able to move this condition into a state where the Hashimoto’s is asymptomatic. Additionally, I have had a seventeen year marriage that included having three children that due to my deferment of power within the relationship and knowing deep down that this was ultimately unhealthy for both myself and the children, ended in divorce. Through some pretty horrific legal and custody battles, I was able to remain grounded and come out the other side strong, free and with a light and joy filled heart.

I’m a dose of fun and play, deep compassion, inspiration and fire it up feminism that will refreshingly splash over you to awaken your sleeping bits from within!  But don’t take my word for it!  Read my clients’ testimonials! Or maybe you want more information on who I am.  Read here About Margaret, or my Vision for the Mother Rising.

I’m a possibility coach. A loving listener. A wild dream co-dreamer and grand vision holder. Inner spark stoker. Divine purpose activator. Sisterly supporter with a dash of cheerleader, plenty of wow, and ah-ha moment sprinkles.

I’ll share my pouch of magic with you. In here, you’ll find…

  • Radical acceptance of all of you: rageful, blissful, bleeding, messy, vulnerable, superstar you.
  • Ways to transform ho-hum routines into nourishing mini-rituals, one baby step at a time.
  • Inspiration to make your divine inner spark glow brighter, ‘till it radiates from your twinkling eyes and inspired action.
  • Celebration of your small triumphs so you stay motivated to keep moving towards your goals.
  • A connection with other passionate, vibrant women that makes you feel special, loved, and beautiful.
  • Resources (both within and beyond yourself) to deal with crappy days with more ease, self-care, and hope.
  • Support as you step beyond limitations and emerge as the fullest, most vibrant version of you.
  • Nourishment, replenishment, lightness and lit-up-ness.
  • Tools to identify the roadblocks in your environment, community, routine, and self-talk — and work through them or ninja kick them outta your life.
  • Savvy suggestions for your transformation: resources from alternative medicine to divination cards, poetry to podcasts, astrological charts to yummy recipes.

Graceful swirls in a straight-edged world

Besides all of the fabulous accountability techniques any coach may keep for you, I will also honor and nurture those seeds of divinity deep within you. I offer the experience of a woman’s life living in a woman’s body.  We women are wondrously, richly holistic, emotional, devotional creatures. We demand an encompassing, sacred gaze to thrive.  My deep understanding of women as a woman with my background in Wellcoaching, countless hours of personal and professional experience working with and amongst women, lifetime of diverse interactions with men, my professional background as described above, paves a path of  a knowledgeable and well rounded coach to hold you  and guide you along on your journey.

My support begins with deep listening. We’ll visit the nooks and crannies of your story, from birth order to career, sexuality to self-talk, daily routine to wildest dreams, nutrition to spirituality and of course the story of your divorcing situation. We’ll step back and take in the whole grand canvas of your life. We’ll create mini self-care rituals you can stick to, and talk through the fear, resistance, and obstacles along the way.  We will strategize your path to true self-empowerment.  I will hold your hand and the overwhelm will dissipate, the fog will clear and the blue sky and sunshine will be apparent along your path to your own true freedom of heart, mind and spirit. Sustainable change is gentle and manageable — a year from now, you’ll be astonished by how far you’ve come.

And so you have arrived home…

Welcome home.  I have a hug, a lighted candle, a hot foot soak, a warm cup of tea…and watch out…I also have a bag full of fun!

Why Now?

Chances are that if you are reading this and either considering or going through divorce, you are feeling mighty alone.  The process can be intensely personal and extremely alienating.  If you have  children, you are trying to uphold yourself as their anchor. You may be still trying to be that same anchor for the partner you are severing relations with if they are volatile in anyway.  You are probably finding that your community is divided around your split or simply doesn’t want to get involved.  You may have a “spiritual” perspective on the break up, but in some ways you might be finding it hard to go back and forth between this bird’s eye view of the spiritual world and being daily bombarded with the “battle”.  OR…if you have already divorced and are feeling stuck in the angry battle that looms around after the paperwork is complete, you may find that your bitterness is creeping into the nooks and crannies of your daily life.  Here one finds a very irritating lingering anger and frustration that persists during these episodes of drama.

Working with me can give you a very quick handle on your overall plan of action looking at ALL of you.  Best hook up is to sign up for the One Day Divorce Strategy Sesh (click through to read more).

Now is the time because something inside you is not satisfied with where you are right now.  Something inside you is telling you to BECOME something new, something exciting, something more connected to the healthy happy person you know you can be.  Because tomorrow turns into 6 months from now or a year from now and you deeply desire the tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Because you want to feel more happiness, freedom and heart felt joy with regularity and this crazyish divorce business seems to be cramping your style; in truth, it is your divorce that can be your greatest ally.  It can be your messenger for expansion.  However, being able to see it in this light can take years if you don’t have a helping hand along the way. AND simply put…YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Because being your BEST YOU helps all those around you be their best  as well!

I promise that you will feel held, grounded, and slowly but surely fired up that you CAN do this!

Sound Sweet?

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From the Mother of Mother Rising, Margaret Jacobson

I’m passionate about supporting women on their journey of empowerment — in a way that only another woman can. I hold a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Master’s in Health Services Administration, am a Certified Wellcoach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching and completed a two year Women’s Empowerment series through Daughters of the Goddess.  Life’s also handed me gobs of challenges: from at one point receiving a terminal illness diagnosis, an autoimmune thyroid condition, a C-Section and two VBACs, a challenging divorce and a custody battle involving my 3 beautiful and truly incredible children. I’ve navigated the curious twists and turns of my own path, and along the way, I’ve learned valuable perspectives and practices I’d love to share with you. I’ve supported both women on their journeys through major health challenges, pregnancies,  abortions, miscarriages, post-pardum depressions, relationship challenges (divorce, splits, affairs), empty nest, parenting struggles, professional career changes, death, and more.  I’d be honored to be your guide — back to your own deepest wisdom.

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