All we need is love

For some of you, it’s running, some walking, some going to the gym…the cycling class, zumba, pilates…for me it’s pretty much yoga. I like to swim and cycle, hike and even tai chi and belly dancing also, but there’s just nothing like a good yoga class. I love all the different teachers. I didn’t used to, mind you. No one could compare to my first yoga teacher Julie Kimball at UCSC. She was the end all be all of amazing. I pretty much worshipped her as did everyone else in that stage of our lives where the cool beautiful hipsters become like Gods and Goddess forming idols in our minds of who we want to model ourselves after.

But Julie couldn’t come with me all the places that I moved, and I have, therefore, found many teachers and many very different yoga studios and styles. It’s a whole big wide world of yoga explosion going on nowadays. I love the friendly nature of the studio I currently go to. They have a nice short 1 hour class in the early morning so I can get it done before my day begins and feel connected and aligned and invigorated. The teacher I have been going to is a lovely Russian woman who has lived here for many many years but her accent is so adorable and her nature is so kind and sweet, it’s the BEST way to wake up.

However, Anna hasn’t been there for the past several classes and sadly, I have discovered that she is not well. So today one of the other teacher’s, I enjoy, Christian, was subbing for her and he is really fun also. He always has a surprise of some sort. He’s the only teacher I know who has said, “put your tochis in the air” when you go into downward dog. But today, he pulled something really excellent. During our three minute savsassana (“dead man’s pose” where you lay on the floor on your back with your eyes closed in relaxation) he put on some music. We were laying there nice and quiet and then what sounded like an incredibly recognizable national anthem sounding tune came blaring out from his amplified MP3 streaming from his iPhone of the Beatles “All you need is love,” “Bum, ba bum, bum, bum bum bah ba bum ba bum ba bum bum bum LOVE…LOVE…LOVE.. doo doo..LOVE…LOVE…LOVE… doo doo…LOVE…LOVE…LOVE….it’s easy” It was AWESOME! The whole song contains such a great message for the day. I lay there silently with this massive smile across my face as I absorbed the depth of the lyrics from the song. How could you not smile? And then I felt the love pulsing throughout my body. Feeling a very complete sense of overwhelming happiness that all is perfect and easy. So I wish you a beautiful amazing day filled with love, and I gift all of you this song for the day.

P.S. After you watch this, if you are post 60’s generation especially a GEN X or GEN Y, can you even IMAGINE, no pun intended, living during this time period. It must have been sooooooo interesting to experience first hand. So fascinated by historical reflections.